Rickey Starr

Rickey Starr, a former Activities Director, knows how to get the residents going. Always a lot of fun when this man is in the house. ~Debbie Early

Stuffing Easter Eggs


Hope we have many to show up for our egg hunt. Residents have been stuffing eggs and hoping to see all the kids. ~Debbie Early

Easter Egg Hunt Fun

We are getting ready for our community egg hunt on next Saturday, the 15th at 10 AM. Hope to see kids there from ages 2-12. And will have a bake sale as well, cakes will be available to take home for Easter dinner!!! Also egg coloring for decor in the dining room.~Debbie Early

Tai Chi

With the help of restorative and therapy, we have begun a new exercise program called, “Tai Chi”, and with the help of our IN2L computer we are able to call the exercise up and perform it. This is something new and we want to do this several times a week and who knows we may be able to do it five days a week. Todays “try out” seemed to go well. ~Debbie Early

Rhea of Sunshine

Each Tuesday morning, we have a group from the community “Rhea of Sunshine”, along with some volunteers, who come visit and do a gospel sing along with us. We enjoy them and the volunteers who help make our day a little brighter.~Debbie Early

Prepping for the Easter Egg Hunt


Time to start stuffing those eggs! Our therapy team always pitches in to help with all the eggs because we stuff over 3,000 of them. We do two egg hunts, one at the home and other one at Roane State Community College for the community. Also, we have a cake sale  which is the Saturday before Easter. A lot of people buy for their Easter dinner the next day. Don’t forget to come by and see us! ~Debbie Early

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National Doctor’s Day


National Doctors Day was March 30th and to show how much we appreciate our doctors, residents made them cards that will be delivered to them.

Busy Day

The other morning the donuts were being made ready and I was watched by our unbelievable fish, think he was wanting a sample. Then Terry in maintenance decided it was time to plow the garden spot. We are trying to balance out the cooking with some sort of exercise. Almost time for planting the garden!!! ~Debbie Early

New Union Baptist Brightens Our Day

We want to thank the youth from New Union Baptist Church for coming and brightening the day for our residents and helping spruce the place up a bit. Thank you! 

Hot Fudge Sundae Delight

Well, after you exercise, you need a treat for your efforts, right?!! ~Debbie Early