‘Taste of Spring City’ fundraiser draws a crowd

Today we had our 1st Annual Taste of Spring City. Staff made a lot of delicious plates from our own cookbook for the event.

There were chicken dishes, spinach dishes, casseroles, ham, catfish, meatballs, rolls, several different desserts.  YUM YUM!  Plates were only $5.  Our Taste of Spring City was announced on the radio, newspapers, social media, flyers, word of mouth.  For our 1st Taste of Spring City, we had a good turnout.  Everyone loved the different kinds of food.

Spring City Care & Rehab residents even helped prepare some of the dishes, and of course they got to enjoy eating the food. The event served as a fundraiser for the facility’s Christmas ‘slush fund,’ which goes to buy residents and staff gifts. More than 50 community members came to eat, and a total of $265 was raised.

– Mindy Ainley, Admissions