Exemplary care at Spring City Care & Rehabilitation

To the Administrator:

Recently, my dad spent approximately 18 days at your facility on the 200 wing for recovery and rehabilitation after an illness. I wanted to provide you some feedback based on my observations of his care for your disposition as you deem appropriate. My observations are as follows:

• I found the areas of the facility, which I was in, were neat, clean and well maintained. Dad’s room was cleaned often. The cleaning staff was friendly and methodical in their cleaning activities. There was a problem with a door in dad’s room and it was fixed within a day after discussing the problem with one of the cleaning folks.

• I watched my dad eat several meals and he indicated that the food was good.

• The nurses were attentive and answered questions which were asked.

• The CNAs…These were the folks that provided the most one-on-one care to my dad. Let me just say that I believe you can train them to do certain tasks, but I found they brought so much more to the job, such as personality, patience, displaying a genuine positive attitude, talking with my dad, and diligently ensuring that dad’s needs were addressed. These folks are special, and I appreciate the care they gave to my dad.

• Every staff member, including the folks in the front offices that I talked with was helpful and very timely in addressing questions I had during my dad’s stay.

• The therapy department you have…WOW! What a great group of knowledgeable, talented, and attentive people! I think most of them worked with my dad at some point during his stay and allowed me to watch many of his sessions. My dad is still improving today because of their work with him.

In summary, while your facility is a great asset, in my opinion, your greatest assets are the folks that work there. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the staff involved in the administrative, physical and therapeutic care my dad received during his stay. I am pleased to know that we have a facility like this in Spring City.


Randal R. Gibbs