Puppy Love

Sam was restless one afternoon and wanted to go for a drive. He and Buck (man’s best friend) took the 1979 Ford out after supper for a leisurely drive. Meanwhile, Jane found she was short on milk and bread so she and her favorite “Cherry” jumped in her 1982 Plymouth and headed down to the nearest 7-11. Seems every traffic light was red or turning red before they could drive through; isn’t that always the way it is when you are in a hurry? While stopped at Spring and Fourth Streets another car rolled up beside them. Being the afternoon, it was cool and the windows were down. Right away Buck spied the cute little dog in the other car. Cherry trying not to notice Buck, but couldn’t help and being friendly jumped in the back seat of Sam’s car. Buck found out that Cherry only lived one street over from him and decided to do some fast talking. They planned to meet Saturday afternoon at a little park just down the street so they could bark at ducks on the lake. Cherry would bring little Friskies and Buck would bring his favorite ball. What a pleasant way to spend Saturday afternoon!

(Written by Residents from Spring City Care and Rehab)