The Story of my Doggie

One evening Hogan, who is seven, was sitting in his living room floor eating a cookie. He was only going to eat one, but he ended up eating all the cookies. His cute dog, Pouch, was sitting close by. He wanted some of the cookies, but he was afraid of Hogan. When Hogan’s mother got home, he was still sitting in the floor with the cookie jar and a frown on his face. His mother screamed, “What did you do that for?” You know you will get a belly ache. Look at your clothes! She spanked Hogan for a little while and made him stand in the corner. Pouch thought it was funny when Hogan got in trouble. Hogan ended up staying in the corner for one whole hour, and on just one foot! He was so happy when his mother said he could go back and play.

(Written by residents of Spring City Care and Rehab)