Hero’s Journey: Ms. Patsy

Ms. Patsy has met and overcome the challenges of Cerebral Palsy throughout her life. When she came to Spring City Care and Rehabilitation, she was in a manual wheelchair and having difficulty with independent mobility, with only having the use of one arm to propel. Our Occupational therapy staff worked with Patsy and discussed progressing her to a power chair. Patsy loved the idea but was a little nervous because she had never tried using a power chair before. They fitted her to a chair with maintenance adapting the hand control per OT recommendations and the training began.

Spring Break Day

April is Occupational Therapy Month, what better way to celebrate than outside on a beautiful day!

Melissa Mueller, OTR assists her patient while participating in a game of horseshoes during our Spring Break day!


Congratulations to Joy, who hit the JACKPOT and received a T-shirt for hitting WILD while playing the slots from her room! We at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation are fortunate to have access to a new interactive system called RESTORE SKILLS that allows our Elders to improve strength, range of motion and cognition while having fun! This system also allows for interaction between family members at home, other residents and other facilities for a little friendly competition. Joy is planning to play against her grandson hopefully this week she states” I can’t wait to play against Bailey that will be fun.”

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Barbara enjoys exercising!

This helps keep her active and going.

Family Visits

Residents are enjoying getting to see family again! You can hear them laughing, reminiscing, enjoying each other’s company!

Planting Time

Yesterday we got a start on planting seeds to put in the garden in a few weeks. Residents enjoy watching the garden grow and, of course, eating the fruits of their labor!

Cole Visit!

We enjoy our family visits, but to certain residents, Cole, Dr. Wakham’s dog, is a welcome sight as well! Here Cole is visiting Janet.

He does these visits every time he comes into the building! He’s such a sweet boy!

New Leaf for our Tree!

We never tire of putting leaves on our tree! This just proves the more leaves we put on that tree, the more home like we are becoming.

This is our resident’s home and we the staff are proud to be part of the family!

Dietary Awards

Spring City Care and Rehabilitation would like to congratulate our Dietary Team on becoming ServSafe Certified. ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the U.S. National Restaurant Association.