Birthday Party

We had a good time Thursday as we celebrated a resident’s birthday. It was her 78th birthday. Her family brought a cake and cupcakes, and invited other Residents to come join the celebration. Happy Birthday to Joy and many more.

MeMe’s Trip

MeMe’s Restaurant in Rockwood has good food but their desserts are out of this world. The trip was great in our new van and each one enjoyed their dessert and drink. We will be going back there to enjoy again.

Therapy Department Hosts Concert

Therapy participants requested our very own Rising Star, Christian Newport, from the Housekeeping department to do a mini concert in the therapy gym. Several residents got together and organized the event complete with date, time and refreshments for after. Stakeholders and residents would like to thank Christian and wish him the best!

Therapy Is Cooking!

Our therapy patients love to cook! They often bring their own recipes in and say, “We need to make this”. Our therapy department does a great job incorporating therapeutic and functional activities to improve strength, endurance and cognitive abilities to allow patients to meet their goals and return to their prior level of function.


Preparing for Art Show

Our therapy department is partnering with Quality of Life to prepare for our upcoming Annual Art Show. We definitely have some artistic elders.

Birthday Celebration

We want to thank Hospice of Chattanooga for providing our birthday cake and cupcakes this month for our residents.


Green Beans

On Saturday, we had a Breaking Beans Party. They reminisced how it was when they broke beans when they were home. Dietary fixed the beans for them to have for lunch the next day. A special thanks to our Dietary team for helping us out in Activities.

Frying Veggies

Our garden is producing and we are frying. Our residents enjoy fried okra and squash. Kim is always there to help fry the squash when we have it. And there are always those residents that like to watch to make sure it is being done right! Thank you Kim for helping us!