Each month we have a fundraiser for Resident Vacations. This, of course, benefits stakeholders as well because they can eat in the building instead of going out. Our next vacation is going to be to Clearwater, Florida. If you would like to support any of our activities, give our facility a call at (423) 365-4355.

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

We will be welcoming the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center to our home on September 13th at 9:00 am. This event is open to the community of Spring City as well as other surrounding areas. Please see flyer below for appointment details and contact information. We hope to see you there!

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Welcome Shannon Barber

We want to welcome our new Housekeeping/Laundry Manager, Shannon Barber. Welcome to our team!

Day Lillies

We enjoyed the Day Lillies at Ralph Storey’s home the other day. He and his wife was such a great host and hostess. The flowers were beautiful and then his wife served us cookies and a cold drink. Fun morning with them.

Garden Time

We enjoy our garden food, but, not the work to keep it cleaned out. A big thank you to Keith for tilling around the plants and a volunteer who weeded between the plants. We are getting squash, green peppers, okra, and tomatoes at this time. We will be frying up some good veggies before long.

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Corn Hole

Exercise made fun, that’s the way we do it! Restorative does an excellent job with exercise programs with the residents while making it a lot of fun, so more will participate.

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Four Leaf Clovers

Wilma is our “4 leaf clover expert”. Wilma goes out each day when it is sunny and warm in the Rose Garden and looks for four leaf clovers. This one is so small we do not know how she even saw it! She keeps them pressed in her Bible. Way to go Wilma! She even gets a tan as an added bonus.

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Art Time!

In July, we will be working on our Art Show that will take place in August. This show will take place on August 29th from 2-4 PM and will be here before we know it. Here are some pictures that will show you what you may see. Refreshments will also be served that day. We take bids on the artwork and the one who bids the most gets to take the masterpiece home with them. All money raised benefits our Activities Programming. Hope we see you there on that date!

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At different times you will find us watching television, drinking coffee in the mornings or just sitting around reminiscing about different memories. We love reading the paper donated to us by the Spring City Chamber of Commerce, and we thank them. This morning we spoke about gardening, family, fixing certain foods, and even honeysuckles. Who knows what the next discussion will be?


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Father’s Day 2019

We celebrated Father’s Day with a cake and special treat for all of the Fathers in our facility. Spring City stakeholders handed out envelopes decorated by the ladies that had a candy bar inside for each man to enjoy. We hope all the Fathers out there had a good day, we know we did!

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