Rocks Drip Art

Residents enjoyed painting “Rocks Drip Art”. Our virtual tour destination this week has been Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Park. We have learned a lot about our parks through this virtual journey.

Looking forward to next week’s adventure!

Corn Hole

Pat playing some corn hole with therapy.

Pat enjoys playing corn hole!


First out of the garden is cucumbers!

Wilma said the cucumbers taste very good, too!

Virtual Tour

Our administrator, Cathy, told us about the Trail Ridge in Colorado, so we did the virtual tour of that area. It was a beautiful trail. We went from sunshine to snow covered areas.

Will be nice to get out on the road again to areas just as nice as these are.

Rocky Mountain

Doing these virtual tours and seeing pictures of the beautiful sites this Country has just makes us wish we could travel there in person. This week we are in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This park known as the “Rockies” covers more than 3000 miles from northernmost part of the British Columbia, western Canada, and southwestern states down to New Mexico.

Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, some ladies made shirt/tie holders from envelopes and some scrapbooking paper. Inside a big Hershey chocolate bar was placed for a nice sweet treat. Those they didn’t like chocolate were given ball caps.

What a day of enjoyment!

Chamber of Commerce

We would like to give a big “Thank You” to Spring City Chamber of Commerce for the papers we receive each week for the Residents to read.

This helps them stay connected to the community and area. THANK YOU!


Enjoying our Virtual Tours this Summer. Yellowstone National Park was our destination this week.

Looking forward to Rocky Mountain National Park next week!

Yellowstone National Park

This week, our virtual tour took us to Yellowstone National Park. The park is famous for geysers, the most famous is “Old Faithful”. It is home to grizzly bears, wolves, and elk. The park is located 96% in Wyoming, 3% in Montana, and 1% in Idaho.

We are having fun learning about a different park each week!


Diane Brown Cashman would like to wish her mother, “A Very Happy Birthday” today!

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