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Thank you for visiting Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center. If you have any questions about our facility, please call (423) 365-4355.

Our Therapy Department is beyond the best that there is!  We have an amazing Therapy Team.  From the time they get here til the time for them to leave, they are always on the go, making sure that each Elder gets the most out of every therapy session. Here are some of the many things that they do each day.  ‪#‎therapystrong

At Spring City Care & Rehab, we don’t have halls, units, or stations….We have Neighborhoods.

One neighborhood, Dogwood Lane, wanted to have a cookout for lunch.  They all enjoyed the food and socializing.

We believe in Elder Choice, not Staff Schedule and/or Preference!

The Elders wanted to show their appreciation to the Therapy Department.  So, with the help of the Activity Department, the Elders put all of the ingredients in a mason jar for chocolate chip cookies.  After the jars were made up, the Elders presented them to the Therapy Department for a job well done.

Once a month the Girl Scouts come to help elders with Crafts.

On Sept. 12, Spring City Care and Rehab held their own Walk for Life to benefit the Women’s Care Center.  $417.00 dollars was raised to be donated to the care center.

walk for life

Congratulations to our Compassion Winner!

Samantha Smith, our Assistant Director of Nursing, has been chosen company wide for showing true compassion.  Thank you Sam for all that you do for our residents and stakeholders!

One of our restorative aides likes to lead exercise in the mornings.  They have fun and get some important exercise, too.

Spring City Care and Rehab celebrated Mexican Day with food, music, pinata, candy, and hats!

Thanks to La Hacienda for letting us borrow your sombreros!

Fall time, so it is time to paint and decorate our pumpkins here at Spring City Care and Rehab.