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Thank you for visiting Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center. If you have any questions about our facility, please call (423) 365-4355.

Jason began to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps at an early age, singing when he was only two years old on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry at one of Floyd’s concerts. He performed twice with Floyd on national TV: at age four, he sang while Floyd played on “Nashville Now,” hosted by Ralph Emery; and as a nine-year-old, he played a memorable Christmas piano duet with his Grandad on “Music City Tonight.”  Over time, his playing style has progressed and matured into an uncanny reflection of the signature stylings of his granddad.

Jason visited Spring City Care and Rehabilitation on April 17, 2015 for a concert.  The elders of the center were overwhelmed with his ability to play the piano with such perfection. Thank you Jason for sharing your legacy and talents with Spring City Care and Rehab’s Elders.

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We recently celebrated the retirement of one of our most loved stakeholders, Bob Peterson. He retired at the young age of 83, and remarked, “I hope I don’t get bored.”

I told him he could come and volunteer at any time.

Spring City Care and Rehab held two egg hunts this year. One was at Roane State as we helped Harriman Care and Rehab host an egg hunt. The other one was held at our facility, and the residents were able to watch all of the festivities.

Prizes were awarded, and each egg held a prize or candy. The ones who collected the most eggs were given Easter baskets.

Spring City Care and Rehabilitation wore red to show love and support to a young girl in our community that had a heart procedure.

Elvis entertained the residents at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center. Matthew Scot, who is a wonderful Elvis impersonator, comes periodically to entertain our residents. The ladies especially enjoy seeing him perform.


More than 1,000 Signature staff members registered for the recent Spirituality LearnFEST, a virtual learning conference that encouraged participants to consider the impact of spirituality, if fully activated, in a long-term care environment.

And that number doesn’t even include the many who joined in groups, in offices, breakrooms and wherever there were TVs or computers at Signature centers across 10 states to view the live broadcast. The event featured sessions that tied spirituality to numerous aspects of long-term care and health care, from clinical care to legislative involvement and the impact of spirituality in the workplace.

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Residents celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center with food, green punch, socializing and laughter.

Spring City Jug band keeps growing; this week we added the Chaplain’s dad to help us play and sing. We hope it keeps growing.

Come and join us if you can. We play Fridays at 10 a.m. Come to sing or just to listen.

Spring City New Van

Residents at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center are all excited about the new van that was delivered to the building. They are already planning trips to take in it!

There’s nothing like a good foot washing in our multi-sensory room. Our residents experienced soft music, plenty of lights, and a soothing foot soak last Friday.

The therapy department has picked Thursday to be our “Therapeutic Thursday.” On this day, they are seen in residents’ rooms, activities room, and in the multi-sensory room for a foot bath.